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Cook Quebec beets, without wasting a piece!

Our beautiful northern climate may deprive us of exotic fruits and vegetables, but we are not left out, since we have access to a beautiful variety of root vegetables in Quebec. Beets are the most colorful of all and, to our delight, can be stored for weeks. Here are some ideas for eating them without moderation and thus avoid wasting them. 


Beets can be stored for several weeks in a cool, dry place. 

It is recommended to buy fresh beets and cook them, rather than eating them raw. Be aware that raw beets can be very toxic to some people with greater food sensitivities. In winter, buy smaller bags and cook them quickly. 

Some people will get a sandbox to put the beets in to extend their shelf life. This ancestral method of conservation has been proven for centuries and deserves attention. 

Tribute to wilted beets 

Wilted beets are no less interesting to cook, on the contrary! Sweeter and faster to cook, they will allow you to make considerable energy savings. Think about it! A fresh beet is very appetizing, but long to cook, while a wilted beet considerably reduces the cooking time. Consider roasting it in the oven, seasoning it with oil and spices. It will be ready to incorporate into your recipes. In fact, a sandwich topped with a slice of grilled beet will make your day! 

Use beets as a seasoning 

Do you ever cook too many beets and get tired of eating them? Know that beets are an excellent seasoning! It will add a touch of color and a little sweet taste to your basic recipes. For example, add a cooked beet or a small portion of mash to your pancake or French toast mix. You will get beautiful pink pancakes with a delicate taste. It will also add smoothness to leftover humus that lacks pep. Have you ever thought about cooking beetziki? This colorful dip will be just as good as the traditional cucumber tzatziki, but the beet will add a little umami flavor to it! Finally, the cooking juice from beets can also get a second life before being discarded. Cook your grains, white pasta or rice vermicelli in it to color them and add a little sunshine to your plate. 

And beet tops in all of this?

At this time, there are no more beet tops from Quebec beets. If you find any at the grocery store, it’s a sign they are from elsewhere. Choose instead those from our beautiful province, you will encourage a producer from here. However, when the season resumes, know that you can cook beet tops in all their splendor! Cook them as you would Swiss chard. Make cigars with beet tops, chop them finely to add to your green salads, fry them in a pan … The possibilities are endless, just like with spinach or other greens. Beet top pesto is also delicious and will be a good base for a multitude of recipes. 

Florence-Léa Siry, experte de la lutte au gaspillage alimentaire

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