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Cook Quebec carrots, without wasting a piece!

Quebec carrots are still available at our favorite merchants and we would benefit from favoring them over imported products. Colorful and crunchy, they are tasty and store easily. 


Like beets, no Quebec carrot is currently sold with the tops. If you spot carrot tops in the supermarket, this is an indicator that it is an imported product. The carrots’ origin will be indicated on the bag. In order to extend their shelf life, the best tip is to remove the carrots from the bag and place them in an airtight container on an absorbent cloth. Whether it is a clean dish cloth or a paper towel, it is important that the cloth is dry and not damp, as it will absorb the moisture that collects between the vegetables and causes mold. You will only need to change it once a week when you do the laundry. 

Our grandmothers kept carrots in sandboxes. If you have enough space to plant them in a container, in the garage, you can significantly extend their shelf life. 

And carrot tops in all this?

In season, carrot tops make excellent aromatics. Cook them as you would parsley or coriander. Add them to your stir-fries, make pesto or mix them with your salted herbs. Dehydrated, and added to celery leaves, they will make delicious herb salt. 

The orange color in all its splendor

Did you know that carrots can also be used as a seasoning in a recipe? Add leftover grilled or boiled carrots to your pancake, waffle or French toast mixes. Top with some fall spices if you like carrot cake. You will get wonderful orange breakfasts. If you are used to drinking carrot juice, know that you can use this good elixir to cook your couscous or grains. 

Cooking carrot peels

What do you do with carrot peels? I sometimes use them as decoration. Roll them up and make little roses to decorate a pizza or a pie. The pinnacle of good taste to me are carrot chips, which can be eaten as a snack, but which make delicious crunchy toppings on salads or in a sandwich. 

In a mixing bowl, pour a little oil and season to taste. Paprika, onion or garlic salt, Cajun spices… Mix everything together and place on a baking sheet. Preheat the oven to 400F (200C) and bake for about ten minutes or until the carrot peels are crispy. 

Florence-Léa Siry, expert in the fight against food waste

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