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Cooking Quebec onions, without wasting a piece!

Quebec onions are essential to our recipes. They enhance a dish or add crunch. 

They are often stored in a cool, dry place, away from light. Do you know the old grandmother’s trick that gave a second life to holed nylons? Slip a first onion in a nylon stocking and tie a knot. Then slip another onion and tie again, and so on. Then hang your onion stockings in the pantry and trim the stocking as you need onions. This tip is ideal for storing onions from your favorite market gardener or merchant. 

In season, dry the green stems of the onions and add them to your meals as a seasoning. You can also store them in oil ice cubes and use them when cooking in a pan. 

Cooking an onion broth

Onion broth is handy for helping out on busy evenings. After cleaning the onion peels by sprinkling them with a little baking soda and water, let them steep in a saucepan, adding a few herbs from the garden. Bay leaves, sprigs of thyme and/or rosemary, and a few peppercorns. Add salt and bring to a boil for at least 20 minutes. 

This elixir can be added to stews, used to cook grains or to make a good soup base. 

Homemade no-fry onion rings to use up excess onions 

For about 25 rings per onion

Refrigeration time: A few hours…

Cooking time: 15 minutes 

Storage: 2 days in the fridge 


Here, 1 part = +/- 1 cup (250 ml)

For the onions

1 onion, cut into thin rings

2 parts (1/2 L) milk

Pepper and salt

For the breadcrumb coating 

¼ part of cooking oil

1 to 2 eggs

1 ¼ part of breadcrumbs 

¼ part of flour or fine semolina 

At least 1 teaspoon of salt 


1.     In an airtight container, pour the milk, then add the detached onion rings. Add salt and pepper. Leave to marinate in the fridge for a few hours, or even a few days, so that the onions soften. 

2.     On the day of cooking: preheat the oven to 450°F (230°C). Put the oven rack at the center of the oven. Line a baking sheet with two layers of parchment paper. Spread the oil on the parchment paper using a kitchen brush or absorbent cloth. 

3.     Breadcrumb coating: In a medium-sized bowl, beat the eggs. In a second bowl, combine the breadcrumbs and flour. Season with salt. 

4.     Remove the onion rings from the marinade and drain lightly. Immerse the rings in the egg mixture, then coat them well with the breadcrumb mixture. Repeat once or twice for a very thick breadcrumb coating. Finally, place the onion rings on the oiled baking sheet. 

5.     Bake for a total of 15 minutes or until the onion rings are golden brown and crispy. Gently turn the onion rings halfway through cooking.                                                             

Tips :

* Replace the milk with diluted yogurt, i.e. 3/5 yogurt in 2/5 water to soften the onions. 

* Replace part of the breadcrumbs with grated coconut for a sweet and savory touch, succulent!

* Add salt to taste. Even if the quantity is tripled, the recipe will remain three times less salty and fat than canteen onion rings. 

Before throwing:

* Reuse the onion-flavored steeping yogurt or milk as a soup base.

* Save the small onion rings for another recipe or to make fried onion bites. 

Florence-Léa Siry, expert in the fight against food waste

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