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Cooking Quebec cabbage, without wasting a piece!

Cabbage in undoubtedly a popular food in Quebec households because of its versatility and ease of storage. Available year round, it comforts in broths and gives hot dogs a festive touch. Let’s discover together our favorite cold-weather vegetable. 

How to store a cabbage without it oxidizing 

It is well known that cabbages keep a long time, but still tend to oxidize. Do you know the ultimate trick to avoid seeing them darken without using plastic? 

1. Before pruning, remove three outer leaves.

2. Then, trim your portion of cabbage as usual.

3. Next, repackage the cabbage with the removed outer leaves, taking care that no pieces are exposed to air. 

With this method, only the outer leaves will deteriorate and dry out over the weeks. You will only have to redo this trick again with other leaves when the first ones will be completely dehydrated. This will keep the cabbage for weeks. 

The anatomy of a zero-waste coleslaw 

The classic coleslaw holds no secrets anymore. Thin slices of cabbage, grated carrots and a few chunks of onion coated with a classic or creamy vinaigrette. But have you thought about adding a little touski touch (all that remains)? Try to grate parsnip or celeriac and add a few pickled onions. As for the sauce, reinvent the classic version with pickle marinade as a base, or add Indian or Mexican spices in the creamy version. In short, every time you cook a new coleslaw, try to use a new ingredient to use the leftovers in the fridge. 

Using the cabbage core

The cabbage core is tough, but still edible. Cut it finely using the blade of a food processor and marinate it as you would with beets. You can add pickled cabbage hearts to your tacos, salads or sandwiches. 



Florence-Léa Siry, expert in the fight against food waste

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