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High bill for fruits and vegetables

Unless you live in a bunker since few weeks, you’re probably aware of the huge increase in prices of fruits and vegetables. It’s everywhere in the media, we quickly see it on our grocery bill ... but what explains this unusual rise?

Firstly, the climate: frost and hurricanes in Mexico, rain and cold weather in California ... There have never been so many losses in the field over such a long period. The law of supply and demand being what it is, prices are soaring.

Finally, we add to this a low Canadian dollar.

Several solutions are offered to consumers: stock up during discount, turn to frozen and canned ... Our favorite trick? Prioritize seasonal Quebec fruits and vegetables: greenhouse peppers, carrots, parsnips, etc! They are affordable and quite tasty!

To know Quebec fruits and vegetables availability, consult our table right here.

For deals on Quebec fruits and vegetables, consult the Promotions section of our website.


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