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What to bring for lunch for an outdoor family activity

Spring break often means winter sports and days spent outdoors with the family. To fully enjoy these vacation days, a well-composed lunch is welcome. It not only provides the energy you need and keeps you warm on an active day outdoors, but also improves the quality of your diet and saves money. Let’s see how to put together an ideal lunch for a family day outdoors. 

In general, a lunch for a day trip will usually include a main course and one or more snacks, as well as a source of hydration. 

The main course 

During spring break, the days can still by chilly despite the imminent arrival of spring. A hot main meal allows you to warm up at midday or between two activities. If you don’t have access to a microwave oven, an insulated food container (e.g.: Thermos) can be the perfect ally to transport a warm and complete meal in only one dish, which is an undeniable asset when eating outside. For some inspiration, consider a comforting soup or piping hot chili. These dishes also allow you to stock up on local and seasonal vegetables, such as celeriac, beets and carrots, sources of carbohydrates, the fuel of choice for muscles during exercise. 


It is also a good idea to plan one or more snacks. Snacks provide energy between meals, before and/or after exercise. For days spent outdoors, the best is to bring snacks that are easy to eat and transport and which produce little or no waste (e.g.: disposable packaging). Think nuts and/or seeds, like almonds and pumpkin seeds, dried and/or fresh fruits, like dried cranberries and apples, or homemade snack bars, which you can store in reusable containers. In case of food allergies, nuts can be replaced with roasted legumes, such as chickpeas or edamame, immature soybeans. 


Finally, good hydration is essential at all times, but more particularly on active days, even in winter when it is cold and you sometimes feel less thirsty. To hydrate while warming up, there are insulated bottles that keep drinks hot, providing a great source of heat on colder days. 

Now that you know how to pack the perfect lunch for a winter activity outside, you can make the most of spring break by spending pleasant days outdoors with your family. 



Marie-Noël Marsan, Nutritionist

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