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Who says fall, says … ?

For many of us, fall announces cold and rain. But we must also remember that everything comes with a silver lining.

Fall represents the abundance of fruits and vegetables. This is the perfect season to make reserves for winter. It is also the perfect time to treat yourself with simple pleasures of life, such as getting wrapped in a blanket with a good hot soup in the hands or such as eating our favourite dessert with a berry sauce that we cook during the morning.

Also, fall appears to be much more colourful than we think. Yes, the leaves change color, but before that, you can watch the blooming of your beautiful flowers. Chrysanthemums are one of those that will reveal their pretty colored dress during sweet september.

What about your garden? It’s full of surprises at fall. At this moment, or very soon, you will be able to collect many root vegetables and maybe some squash and pumpkins, who knows ?

Here are some interesting links to get in harmony with this beautiful season that autumn is:

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