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What is a Foodie?

Basically, a Foodie is a person with enthusiasm and interest in the culinary world. Preparing good food until it is consumed, the Foodies look, touch, feel and most importantly, they taste!

Have you ever seen someone take a photo of his plate at the restaurant?
If so, you can say you ate nearly a Foodie!

Indeed, the Foodies love to share their culinary discoveries. Whether through social networks like Facebook or Twitter, or through their blog, the Foodies ... are greedy and generous. Generous, indeed, as most of them spend several hours in their writings, recipes and reviews, to be as current as possible and to deliver quality content, to the delight of their readers.

The arrival of Foodies in Quebec was done fairly quickly. Over the past decade, this community of gourmets gourmands has multiplied along with  cookshows and cookbooks. This sudden infatuation with the culinary world is due to well-being research of Quebecers, which involves among other things to eat better. In this vein, the Foodies offer, rich and tasty dishes, but also good healthy, vegan and fresh food !

Some other reasons why Foodies appeared in Quebec:


The belle province is established as a wealth of freshness due to many external public markets offered to Quebec consumers. From Montreal (Marché Atwater , Marché Jean-Talon, Marché des jardiniers de La Prairie) to Quebec (Agri-Food Market Val-David, Marché du Vieux-Port) through the Public Market of Rouyn-Noranda and the one of Rimouski, Quebec is full of products that awaken the senses.


Quebec products are much better and producers do not hesitate to offer them in a  unique way. For example, maple syrup and quality cheeses contribute to the international reknown of Quebec products.

Opening to the World

Many local products are internationally recognized and it is the same for the Quebec interpretations of international dishes. Quebec inspires Foodies by its choice of restaurants French, Moroccan, Arab, Mexican, Italian and others. Especially in Montreal, a unique freedom, speaking through the food, happens to attract any foreign visitor and resident well-established.

The food, we like!

Finally, Quebec is designated to receive culinary pilgrims since the interest of Quebecers for the food is deep rooted in our values. It is almost a necessity and a social responsibility, in Quebec, to share unique moments of dining with friends, family or alone, over a good bottle of wine and a hearty meal, for example.

Are you a Foodie? Surely a little ... :)

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