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6 ideas for cooking winter squash

In Quebec, there exist several varieties of winter squash: butternut, spaghetti, acorn, delicata, etc. They are available from the beginning of August until the end of December. In cooking, they are very versatile and can be used in a multitude of recipes, both savory and sweet. Here are 6 ideas to add them to your plates this fall.

1.      To make a sauce

Once cooked, squash can be used to make a creamy sauce by mixing their flesh with broth. The amount of broth added allows you to adjust the texture of the sauce to your liking. Then, you are free to flavor it with the herbs and spices of your choice, to add garlic, cooked onions or cheese. This sauce is ideal to accompany short pasta, such as macaroni.

2.      Pureed or grated

When you have a large quantity of squash, a tip to avoid food waste is to use them in different sweet and savory preparations. Raw and grated or cooked and pureed, you can add them to your muffins, breads, cookies, cakes and waffles. They will bring an autumnal touch to your recipes!

3.      As a filling

For the more skilled in cooking, squash can be used as a filling in fresh pasta, such as ravioli. For example, you can make a filling by mixing squash puree with ricotta. These stuffed pasta will go perfectly with a brown sage butter.

4.      To make röstis

Röstis are Swiss fritters traditionally made with grated potatoes. For an original and colorful variation, you can substitute the potatoes, partly or entirely, with squash.

5.      In soup

In soups, squash bring a beautiful orange color and a pleasant creaminess. For some inspiration, you can try this coriander-flavored soup recipe that puts butternut squash in the spotlight.

6.      As a garnish

Here is a rather original idea for using squash in cooking! Once cooked, squash can be used as a garnish on a pizza or focaccia, like in this recipe.

There exist many other ways to cook winter squash as they are so versatile: in gnocchi, in risottos, in gratins, stuffed, roasted, etc. So, take advantage of the winter season to invite them more often to your table. With all the varieties available in Quebec, you’ll be spoiled for choice!


Marie-Noël Marsan, Nutritionist

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