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Greenhouse vine tomato

Greenhouse vine tomato


Did you know that the tomato is the best source of lycopene in the North American diet? Lycopene is a red pigment associated with the prevention of prostate, lung, bladder and skin cancer.

Did you know that the tomato—a must in Italian cuisine—actually comes from the Andes in South America?

Do you know the nutritional value of greenhouse tomatoes?
Per 125ml (½ cup) of cooked vegetable:
Energy: 15kcal; Carbohydrates: 4g; Fibre: 1g
Vitamin C: 20% of RDI (excellent source of Vitamin C)
Vitamin A: 8% of RDI (excellent source of Vitamin A)
Folates: 6% of RDI (source of folates)

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