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Escarole chicory

Escarole chicory


Did you know that chicory roots contain inulin, a fibre-soluble prebiotic agent that, among other health benefits, helps the digestive process? That’s why, there are more and more inulin-enriched foods (breads, juice, dairy products, etc.).

Did you know that the tasty bitterness of chicory goes well with dressings that have been spiced up with Dijon mustard for instance or sweetened with fruit, honey or maple syrup?

Do you know the nutritional value of chicory?
Per 125ml (½ cup) eaten raw:
Energy: 20kcal; Carbohydrates: 4g; Fibre: 4g (high source of fibre)
Vitamin K: 350% of RDI (excellent source of Vitamin K)
Vitamin A: 50% of RDI (excellent source of Vitamin A)
Folates: 50% of RDI (excellent source of folates)

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