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Did you know that many myths exist that potatoes make you gain weight? You need to know that no food in itself will produce weight gain. It is an excess of calories that loads the pounds on. Rich in nutrients, the potato deserves a place of honour on our menus.

Did you know that an equal weight of potato peel contains 2 to 3 times more fibre than the flesh? Wherever your recipe allows it, use it unpeeled.

Do you know the nutritional value of potato?
Per baked medium-sized potato eaten with skin:
Energy: 160kcal; Carbohydrates: 37g; Fibre: 4g (good source of fibre)
Vitamin B6: 30% of RDI (excellent source of Vitamin B6)
Vitamin C: 23% of RDI (excellent source of Vitamin C)
Potassium: 25% of RDI (excellent source of potassium)
Manganese: 20% of RDI (good source of manganese)

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